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Podcasts: On Creative Writing

C.M. Mayo introduces her new ebook, Podcasting for Writers
"Naples Dave" and others from are the big voices, along with music clips from, plus silly sound effects, and more. C.M. Mayo recorded her portion at ye olde writing desk (any snoring sounds are from the dog) and edited the whole shebang on her laptop using Apple's GarageBand. As Mayo says, "If I can podcast, so can you."

Conversations with Other Writers: Sergio Troncoso
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with novelist and essayist Sergio Troncoso, author of This Wicked Patch of Dust and Crossing Borders: Essays. 

Conversations with Other Writers: Michael K. Schuessler
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with Mexican art and literature expert Michael K. Schuessler, author of the biographies of two major Mexican literary figures, Gualadupe Amor: La undécima musa and Elena Poniatowska: An Intimate Portrait, and editor of Alma Reed's long lost autobiography, Peregrina: Love and Death in Mexico. *About one hour and 7 minutes.

Conversations with Other Writers: Edward Swift
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with Edward Swift, author of the memoir My Grandfather's Finger and many acclaimed novels, including Splendora and The Daughter of the Doctor and the Saint. *About one hour and 15 minutes.

Conversations with Other Writers: Sara Mansfield Taber
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with Sara Mansfield Taber, author of the memoir Born Under an Assumed Name: The Memoir of a Cold War Spy's Daughter.

Ten Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Writing Workshop
C.M. Mayo offers tips based on more years than she would like to admit of taking and teaching writing workshops.

How to Break a Writing Block
C.M. Mayo on the power on the five minute writing exercise. The end of this podcast offers an exercise— so get out your pen and paper. (For more exercises, visit "Giant Golden Buddha & 364 More 5 Minute Writing Exercises.) *About 11 minutes. Please note that on iTunes the timing is only 7 minutes, so if you're doing the writing exercise, best to listen on podomatic (the button to the left).

Techniques of Fiction: The Number One Technique in the Supersonic Overview
From C.M. Mayo's "Techniques of Fiction" workshop: the number one technique. An explanation with examples, plus a nuggest of advice from Chekhov. (For C.M. Mayo's upcoming workshops, and for many other resources for writers, click here.)*About 8 minutes

The Arc of Writerly Action
From a panel discussion on writing historical fiction at the American Independent Writers Association Conference, held at the Writer's Center (near Washington DC), June 2011.
About 8 and a half minutes

On Declutterng Your Writing: The Interior Decoration Analogy
C.M. Mayo offers a bit of advice for writers.
About 7 minutes

A Conversation with Solveig Eggerz, author of the novel Seal Woman
C.M. Mayo talks with Solveig Eggerz, author of the fiercely poetic novel Seal Woman. Inspired by the Icelandic fairytale of the seal woman and the true story of some 300 German war widows brought to Iceland to marry and work on the remote farms, Seal Woman has been widely praised and translated into both Hebrew and Icelandic. The conversation ranges from the author's unusual background (from Iceland to England to Germany to Alexandria, Virginia), Iceland's book culture, fairytales, advice for writers, and more. Recorded in November 2011.  
About 1 hour and 7 minutes

The Writing Life: A Report from the Field
A panel discussion at the "Artlantic" Festival at the Writer's Center in Bthesda MD May 22, 2010 with C.M. Mayo, David Taylor, Alan Elsner, Kevin Quirk, and moderator Jessie Siegal.
About 1 hour and 15 minutes

Twelve Tips to Help You Hang in There and Finish Your Novel
C.M. Mayo reads from her guestblog post for Work-in-Progress and the Writer's Center's First Person Plural blogs.
About 12 minutes


So you have something to say! There are many eager ears out there, in cars, on trains and planes, in waiting rooms, in kitchens, perhaps washing dishes… Audio podcasts, on-line digital files, not only serve as an important promotional tool for writers, but they can be storytelling vehicles in themselves, whether as stand-alone works or complements to text, and as such, a powerful way to reach new audiences.

Based on award-winning writer and avid podcaster C.M. Mayo's one day workshop at the Writer's Center,
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